Strategic and analytical expertise for the aviation industry

Who Are We?

Under the leadership of prominent aviation expert, Tom Kinton, Kinton Aviation Consulting is a global aviation consulting firm, offering guidance and consulting services to clients across the entire aviation spectrum.

In the fast-paced world of aviation, experience and relationships are what matter most when embarking on any business and financial endeavor. With Tom Kinton’s extensive experience, our aviation consulting services offer customized solutions and tactical opportunities that are objective and innovative.


Why choose us?


Our mission, as professional aviation consultants, is to combine the wealth of expertise gained from a noteworthy career in aviation and pass it on to our clients, allowing them to develop best practices and grow in their own business endeavors. We exceed all of your aviation consulting needs, from airport modernization to aviation security to airline route development and more.


Our mission is to consistently provide clients with dependable and up-to-date aviation industry trends, news, and insights, as they accumulate a sophisticated and well-rounded scope of knowledge and skills.


Our mission is to create innovative solutions that will solve complex commercial or general aviation challenges. Our strategic and timely responses are what help us build and solidify long lasting client relationships. Kinton Aviation Consulting is dedicated to providing strategic and thoughtful consulting services across all aspects of the global aviation industry.